ACSOS 2024
Mon 16 - Fri 20 September 2024 Aarhus, Denmark

The City of Aarhus is well connected via rail, road and to numerous destinations worldwide via international airports.


Getting to Denmark is easy. Denmark is a peninsula in Northern Europe, which means you can go by car or train from any of the European countries. Denmark has an extensive transport network of train, bus and roads and for groups of delegates coming from across mainland Europe, making arrangements for group travel by car, minibus, coach or train can be a more cost effective and environmentally friendly option.


The Danish railway system is clean, friendly, safe and efficient and routes connecting Aarhus to Copenhagen run frequently every hour. Aarhus is mainly connected to Europe by a railway hub in Hamburg, reached within four hours. From here you will find connections to larger European cities and within 14 hours you can reach Aarhus by train from a great part of Europe - Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Prague, Paris, Berlin and Vienna.

Use the Rejseplanen website to find the best connection to Aarhus city centre.


Aarhus is well connected by air with two nearby airports, Billund and Aarhus, as well as a train connection to Copenhagen Airport and Aalborg Airport.

From Billund and Aarhus Airport, you have regular regional busses to the city centre operated by Midttrafik. From Aarhus Airport, take bus 925X - the busses are synchronised to arrival and departure of planes. From Billund Airport, take bus 912X.

Midttrafik live gives a live overview of all busses, including those going to and from Aarhus Airport and Billund Airport. More information about tickets specifically for tourists can be found here

Please be aware that often the danish word lufthavn is used instead of airport

From Copenhagen Airport, best use the train network. You can find the best connections to Aarhus city centre using the Rejseplanen website


Aarhus is a very walkable city as the conference venue is only about 1 mile (1.7km) from the city centre. Nevertheless, the city has an extensive bus network and a tram that passes through the city centre and stops close to the conference venue. Busses and tram are operated by Midttraffik.

Again, Rejseplanen website is a good choice to find best connections from your location (including walking and cycling routes).

Best to use the Midttraffik app to purchase tickets for tram or bus.

Make sure you have validated / used your ticket before entering the bus/tram